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"If you're on the fence about taking this program then get off! Making the decision last year to invest in myself and take The Creator's Blueprint was one of the best choices I've made in a long time. He gives you a road map on how to find clarity and develop your vision. The foundation of information that I learned through The Creator's Blueprint has proven to be invaluable. This program pays for itself."

- Katy Cruz, Creator's Blueprint Member

Let's cut through the bullsh*t.

Staying a freelancer is a DEAD END

To the overworked, struggling, freelancer chasing a paycheck...



I'll give it to you straight because only 4 years ago, I was beyond frustrated watching my peers land higher-paying clients, work with high-level people, and it wasn't until I landed my first $10k client in 2018 that the lightbulb went off and I realized what truly mattered versus what didn't...

Freelancing is simply a dead end...why?

Because there's no end game. There's no plan. It's a constant chase to get that next high-paying client.

Well, guess what... a high-paying client isn't going to solve all your problems.

More clients are not going to give you your freedom back.

I know it may sound a little rediculous especially if you're struggling to get clients right now but hear me out:

In 2018, I had all the clients I could need, was traveling the world, while making over 6-figures. So believe me when I tell you that more clients are not the solution.

What I realized was that I was going to stay stuck unless I started building something that didn't require my effort to produce results all the time.

Your business needs to become a machine.

A machine that runs smoothly with or without you.

Are you going to be freelancing at 70 years old?

Are you going to be doing all this work for how much longer?

Get out of that freelancer mentality and start thinking about what machine you're going to build.

What does that look like? Where do you start? What pieces do you need to make that a reality?

And no matter what stage you're in right now, you need to start thinking about this RIGHT NOW.

World-renowned brands Zack has worked with:

Let me ask you, does this sound like you?


  • You're pursuing your freelance gig as a "side hustle" because you believe it could never actually be a full-time career?


  • You work long days and long nights working on projects that don't actually light you up, just to make sure you can pay rent on time?


  • You're constantly blaming the "Instagram algorithm" for your lack of followers and think your industry is just over-saturated so it's impossible for you to grow?


  • You think all the high-paying clients are taken and that's why you're not getting paid what you're worth?


  • You daydream about being a leading expert in your industry that people come to learn from and you have a huge impact on your audience with everything you create?


  • You want to know what it feels like to wake up knowing you have a running business that works FOR you, not against you, and allows you to actually work LESS, and produce MORE income?

"It's not a matter of how "ready" you are... it's how committed you are.


How committed are you?!

Ya don't say...

Okay, keep reading then.

So here's what we're going to do.

For the last 4 years, I've been perfecting a 6-Part System designed specifically to take you through essential building blocks to growing your creative business that will finally allow you to DESIGN a lifestyle you love.

When you enroll in The Creator's Blueprint you're going to become more than someone with a creative skill.

We're going to turn you into a MASTER problem solver.

A Specialist.

Ever wondered why someone charged more than you but you felt you were more creatively talented deep down?

In order for us to build authority, expertise, and credibility to work with high-level clients & customers read below to get a sneak peek into The Creator's Blueprint system.

Here's what's waiting for you inside The Creator's Blueprint:

The Creator's Blueprint is your own creative business in a box DESIGNED specifically to take you through this 6-part system and create a life you were truly meant to live. This isn't just a program of "how to do it." It's an experience in actually producing results. This is about taking you BEYOND what you're currently doing and giving you the BREAKTHROUGH you've been looking for in your Creative Business. 12 weeks we'll be working together then you hold on to the program FOREVER (with all future updates).

6 Core Training Modules ($6,000 value)

The Creator's Blueprint includes 6 Modules of comprehensive & detailed training videos designed to walk you through The 6 Building Blocks of growing a multiple 6-figure creative business.

6 Exclusive Coaching Calls ($6,000 value)

You will receive exclusive access to Zack during 6 LIVE 90-minute coaching calls. Zack will offer additional content, provide insightful answers to your questions, and coach you through The 6 Building Blocks.

10 Powerhouse Guest Experts (priceless)

Over the course of the 12 weeks, you will be given access to 10 different Guest Experts. Some have curated their own video modules and others will be joining us during our Live Coaching calls providing you DIRECT support.

Here's a sneak preview of our 6-part system:


Discover what mental obstacles have been getting in your way and rewire your entire belief system to develop the mindset of a high-performing 7-figure CEO.


Create a CRYSTAL clear vision so you know exactly what you need to be focusing on to produce the BIGGEST results in your creative biz.


Become a master problem solver and create an unbelievable product with a unique experience that you become known for.


Learn to create a path of least resistance to make your service a no-brainer to potential clients & customers.


Build a team that actually supports your vision and works as efficiently as you do.


Automate & create more results without having to increase your efforts allowing you to "walk away".

"Make decisions based on your VISION, not your current circumstances."

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Meet Your Guest Experts

Learn directly from leading experts in ALL different industries that teach you everything from mastering your money mindset, building a high-quality network, establishing a personal brand, creating VIRAL content, and so much more!

Lewis Howes

Talk Show Host - Former Pro Athlete - NY Times Bestselling Author - Top 50 Podcast in the World

Nick Onken

Nick Onken is a world-renowned photographer working with clients such as Justin Beiber, Usher, Lil Jon, Vogue, Coca Cola, and more.

Kathrin Zenkina

Master Mindset Coach - Self-made millionaire by 25 - #1 Amazon Bestselling Author - Built a multiple 7-figure business in under 3 years

Zack Honarvar

Founder & CEO of One Day Entertainment - Manages Yes Theory, Airrack, Matt Komo, Andreas Hem, and more

Edward Lee

Full-time Filmmaker & Photographer who has worked for brands like Rhino Camera Gear, PolarPro, Litra, Rhode, and more.

Sam Newton

Founder of Move To Create, a travel collective working with brands such as: Omega, Etihad Airways, Starbucks, Adobe, DJI, and more

Tyler Babin

Full-time Filmmaker & Photographer currently in Adobe's Residency Program, and previous creator for VaynerMedia.

Sarah Snow

Over 200 million views on social videos -  Awarded top 100 most creative people in business by fast company - Films, edits, and directs for Jay Shetty and Lewis Howes

Andrea Sager

Owns & runs a virtual law firm, providing several different services to massive influencers & small business owners in the online space

Logan Armstrong

Full-time Filmmaker & Photographer currently creating for the Beautiful Destinations Team. Grown a social following over 35,000.

Hear some of our success stories from previous members:

Luke Strege

"I just made my largest single sale of $6,500. Wanted to share this big win for myself with the goal of encouraging you all. 

Marvin Sandoval

"Today I got word from a client that they approved a retainer and it's a 5-figure contract! Thank you so much for showing me that this can be a living."

Jona Dhe Paganon

"I just landed a $30k client! Never did I expect this to happen or think it was possible! Thanks for everything you do my man."

Still On The Fence?

Read Frequently Asked Questions from creatives I've worked with in the past:

BONUS #1! The Client Attraction Funnel ($497 value)

Ever wondered how you can start attracting clients without the extra effort?

Here's your solution: 

You'll be gaining access to my bonus training that shows you how to create an effective, automated funnel that attracts your ideal client on autopilot.

BONUS #2! You will gain access to The Ready, Set, LAUNCH Course!

($997 value)

Zack is unveiling the curtain to how he creates, launches, and scales his digital products to multiple 6-figures per year. This is the very playbook he used to escape the hamster wheel of 16 hour work days and got freedom back into his life.

BONUS #3! You will get One Ticket to our, 2-Day LIVE EVENT in Los Angeles!

($3,000 value)

Imagine taking this program to whole NEW LEVEL when you get to hang out with me, and some of our amazing guest experts in sunny Los Angeles, California.

This is your GREATEST chance to get real-time coaching, feedback, and learn in-person from some of the top thought leaders in the online space. Talk about an incredible networking opportunity! This event alone is valued at $3,000!

BONUS 4! Zack is including his Filmmaking Course! ($597 value)

In this course, you will be learning Zack's entire creative workflow for creating video & photo content. This is not a course about just creating pretty visuals but more so how to create the RIGHT work that will get you paid what YOU ARE WORTH!


Creator's Blueprint™


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